Jelly Collapse

Jelly Collapse is a fun block removal game or match 3 game. Players need to remove the jelly blocks from the board to receive points. This game doesn’t have a timer. This keeps the game from becoming a frantic race against the clock. Players click groups of colored jelly blocks to gain points but they also gain bonuses depending on how many blocks they clear in each chain. 

Each of the first five levels has a tutorial to help players get started. Level one shows the player how to click jellies in a chain to collect the point reward. Each level has a point goal to reach in order to advance to the next level.

Level two’s tutorial shows players how to click five jellies of the same color to receive a bonus refill. Refills are important because they restock the jelly blocks. You don’t want to clear the board completely before the point goal is reached. There are plus marks on the blocks to indicate when the chain has more than five colors. This makes it easier for players to see the colored sequences.

In level three’s tutorial, it shows the player that 10 blocks together in a sequence equals a bomb. An exclamation mark is visible on one of the blocks when there are 10 in a row to click. The bomb can be exploded at any time, but players may wish to use the bomb strategically. It removes a large section of blocks when it explodes.

Level four moves the player out of beginner territory into novice. Cookies are introduced in this level. They show up randomly and must be brought to the bottom. They are worth 250 points. The faces on the blocks will help players find matches. Blocks with a face have matches nearby. It’s only when there are at least five that there’s other markings on the blocks.

Level five has the double cookie worth 500 points if it’s brought to the bottom. As the levels progress, they become harder. The player must think about the moves in advance to bring colored jellies together for extra points.

Jelly Collapse is unlike other collapse games, and its original concept of jellies make it a fun alternative for players who like candy crush or other games of this genre.

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